Mary Magdalene  (M&M)  was established  in 2003 as a non-profit community based organization.  This organization holds its own Internal Revenue tax-exempt status as a 501-( c ) ( 3) and provides charitable community social services in the county.  The core theme is “helping individuals by starting where they are”.  The philosophy of this organization is expressed best by the mission statement  “to increase client’s access to appropriate services so as to enhance individual and family well being.”  We achieve this by direct provision of services or appropriate referrals into existing agencies.  It is based on a client center focus that considers the whole man, body, soul, and spirit.


Our service delivery methods include increasing the level of participation of client and families in all aspects of the service system they need.  Our system recognizes ethnic disparities that exist and access challenges that enable these disparities to remain.  Assisting clients in benefits acquisition where ever the need may be is central to our work.  Recognizing the need for a consumer and family driven system is congruent  with the African American theology of wellness in the village.  We support increasing the array of community services for individual and families who are in crisis or struggling with life challenges.  We know that it is essential as it makes possible the opportunities for family and individual recovery, resilience, and overall wellness.

There are  14 full time and two  part-time staff at this time , 
 7 case managers , 5 Outreach Worker ,  two  part-time staff  and graduate social work intern .


 The Acting Executive Director  holds a Master Degree in Social Work since 1980 and has supervised and managed Child Welfare Services in Stanislaus County for 6 years, Managed the Multi-Service Senior Services Program (MSSP) worked at county Mental Health for 5 years, and has been a manager at San Joaquin County Public Health for 15 years.